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25 February 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring booking my southeast asia trip, baking a cake and a much overdue haircut
This week has been a verrrrrry busy one, so much so I'm still severely sleep deprived. The week started with a much overdue haircut, and oh wow is my hair feeling and looking far healthier than it has in a while. I worked out that the last time I'd had it cut was June... oops. So, it's fair to say it definitely needed the three inches hacking off.

This week a Psychology students vs lecturers charity event was held, where netball and futsal matches were played. I didn't play in either match but certainly did partake in the trip to the pub afterwards. Having a pint with my lecturers was a surreal experience. It was odd to see them out of the lecture hall and with a bev in hand.

That night sparked the first night of a 3-day bender, including a trip to my least favourite club, an athletics social and a pres where my house and I turned up in pjs. Results for Semester 1 came out this week and your girl got a first... Cheers to that.

My housemate and I spent two hours making the most delicious cake this week. It was honestly a work of art. I also went to 7bone for the first time forever and tried a new burger, the winner winner. I would highly recommend. But, the most exciting thing to happen by far was booking my flights to Southeast Asia for this summer!!! Guess who is lucky enough to be going travelling again this summer! (You can read about my trip to Cambodia here.)

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