Sick Tings 001

11 February 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring a surprise gift, a fake fitbit and a night out
So I thought I'd start a new series, and there was no name more apt than Sick Tings, considering it is my response to literally anything and everything at the moment. In this series I thought I'd just do a weekly summary, rounding up things I've been loving, things that have happened and also compile a list of all the posts that I've published this week...

So, this week has been a busy one purely because of uni work, I am absolutely swamped with assignments, but I did finally get round to setting up my 'fitbit'. It's not an actual Fitbit branded one, but I'm loving it. It's so handy, and even links up to my phone and gives me all my notifications! So far so good....

Somehow this week I walked all the way to uni and then only realised once I'd got there that I had odd shoes on??? Yep. What an absolute rodney. This sort of thing only ever happens to me I swear.

Another highlight of this week; my blog hit 50 Bloglovin followers, woop woop!

When I got home from Sunday there was a package waiting for me on the doormat at my uni house... Inside was the nicest pair of pyjama bottoms from my Mum, with a note saying 'Saw these today and thought of you'. What an absolute queen. She's waaaaay too pure. Can I just say that these are the comfiest things that have ever graced my legs

Posts published this week;
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  1. FitBit’s are quality, you’ll get addicted to hitting those steps!!


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