The London Photo Diary

29 January 2018

On Saturday a very tired (admittedly hungover) Becca headed for a day in London. I got the 8.30am train (what a stupid idea) and arrived in Central London just before 10. My first stop was obviously Oxford Circus - could I have made a trip to the capital and not done any shopping? I think not. 

After a browse in all the usual suspects, I headed to Carnaby Street for some more shopping and enjoyed a much needed Ben's Cookie. Now, can I just say that these things are the things of miracles, and if you have never tried one, you are wholeheartedly missing out. Just look at the gooey white chocolate. Had the intentions of buying a whole range of bits in Brandy Melville, but was sort of disappointed by the things they had in store, alas no purchases were made. 

The whole purpose of this trip to London was to see some of the friends I made whilst travelling last summer, so just before lunch, I headed to the station to meet them. After this, a day of food, drinks, laughs and reminiscence ensued, and I loved every minute of it. Here's to pals you make travelling, hey.  

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