Third Year Uni Room Tour

28 September 2018

Aaaand here we have it, the last of my uni bedrooms, ever. Having lived in a grotty student house in my second year (room tour here), it's fair to say this one is a definite step up. I'm going to be writing an entire post on choosing the perfect student house, but for today I thought we'd keep it old school and just stick to a good old room tour. 

The rules regarding decorating are much stricter in this house, so, it's fair to say the walls are very bare indeed. This gal wants her deposit back. As you can probably guess, pretty much all of the furniture came with the room so I have absolutely no idea where it came from. The full-length mirror, however, I bought from The Range and one of the bedside tables was a charity shop purchase. Pro tip - head to charity shops for student room furniture, it's all going to be mismatched anyway, and I paid only a fiver for the bedside table. 

I love my bed this year. It is so so comfy and actually has a proper bedframe. As for bedding, this year I just have a white set and a handful of colourful printed cushions. The grey and orange ones I bought in Tesco years ago, the navy one in Target in Florida and the B cushion is from Asda. The throw at the end of my bed is actually a Balinese Batik sarong that I bought at a temple over the summer and I love it. I didn't, however, love being chased up the hill by the sarong seller holding said sarong. 

In case you were wondering, most of the other things in my room are either IKEA, Homesense or were gifts, but if you have any burning questions about things defo ask in the comments. 

What is your experience with student housing?
Do you like my new room?


  1. Your room is giving me room envy!!! I love my room as well but it’s not nearly as nice as yours!

  2. It looks like you've really made yourself at home here Becca, looks so good!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Adorable and neat room! I love IKEA so much.


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