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Sick Tings 017

Okay, so please could someone explain to me how time works? No way has a whole week of summer already passed? A week of lectures feels like forever, but 7 days of freedom fly by at a rate of knots. Like how has it already been a week since BlogconLDN? (Which I posted about here.) Speaking of, this week I booked tickets to London to see Lucy again and to finally meet Fran!! We're planning a day of good food, pretty photos and allll the classy bars, expect a bombardment of photos.  

So this week saw me attend two boat balls on consecutive nights, am I crazy? Maybe. I'd never been on a boat ball before so the excitement clearly got to me. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I had a really fun time. Everyone gets dressed up, downs a few beverages and then boards a fairly large boat ft a dancefloor and a bar. The boat then just sails around for a few hours whilst more drinking ensues, people dance, and copious amounts of photos are taken. The second ball was much the same except the boat itself was much smaller meaning a) claustrophobia and b) it was rockier on the water - not ideal when you're a few bevs in. 

We also had what could be our last BBQ at our house, this week. I mean, our 'garden' is the typical student house garden: a concrete square covered with weeds and a scattering of traffic cones. The food was good though, we made vegetable kebabs, as well as having the usual burgers and sausages. 

This week I took two of my pals to Bournemouth for the day. We had a delicious lunch, a wander along the seafront in the rain (classic Bournemouth) and did a bit of shopping. I've written a whole post on the day which you can read here. We also ended up having a low key house party that night too, all started by a Love Island drinking game.

Saturday saw me go for a Nandos (mango and lime double chicken burger with peri chips if you're offering) and a shop in town with one of my gal pals. We had a really nice lunch and catch up before we both head home home for summer. I picked up a lovely bikini in Primark - I'm sure it'll be over on my insta soon. Then, in the evening I went for drinks with another of my gals and drank pink gins in pretty bar gardens. Bliss. 

This week I hit 900 followers on Instagram and I am soooo happy! It happened whilst we were in Bournemouth, and I can't believe that I'm so close to 1k now! If you'd like to follow me you can do so here, I'd be eternally grateful! 

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